Duck Shit Oolong (75g)
Duck Shit Oolong (75g)
Duck Shit Oolong (75g)
Duck Shit Oolong (75g)
Duck Shit Oolong (75g)
Duck Shit Oolong (75g)
Duck Shit Oolong (75g)
Duck Shit Oolong (75g)
Duck Shit Oolong (75g)
Duck Shit Oolong (75g)

Duck Shit Oolong (75g)

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Ingredient: 100% Organic Oolong Tea

Tasting Notes: Sweet Potato · Hops · Longan
Aroma: Fruity
Roast: Medium
Oxidation: Medium

Origin: Phoenix Mountain, Chaozhou, China

鴨屎香單叢烏龍 · Ya Shi Xiang Dan Cong Wu Long  · ヤシシャンウーロン

Also available in 10g mini tin!

What's in a name? Despite what springs to mind, our Duck Shit Oolong tastes of sweet potato, hops, and longan, with an aroma that leans fruity and floral. So why the…evocative name? Legend has it the tea grower who developed this dancong cultivar loved his creation so much that he dressed up his treasure with a stinking misnomer to throw off potential copycats. Take a sip and you'll know the name is a real load of 🦆💩

Feels like: Ever come across a box of old tapes on the curb? And your favorite throwback track just happens to be sitting pretty right on top? So you dust it off, bring it home, and drop it in your cassette player. Hit play and it crackles back to life, all smooth, sweet, and easy — with just the right dusting of nostalgic funk. Nice.

75g of tea is good for:
• 90+ mug servings (2.5g/mug, steeped 3+ times)
• 75+ gaiwan servings (5g/gaiwan, steeped 5+ times)
• 11+ liters cold brew

🌱 This tea is grown on Mr. Huang's farm on Phoenix Mountain and is USDA-certified organic. Spent leaves are *gold* for your compost pile.
♻️ Our steel tea tins are crafted with care in Kyoto, Japan. Please reuse and recycle!
💧 3% of every tea purchase supports clean water projects, because without clean water there is no tea.

1) Heat water to 205°F.
2) Use ~2.5g tea for ~8-12 oz of water in an infuser mug.
3) Pour hot water over tea leaves.
4) Cover and steep for 2 mins.
5) Remove infuser basket and set aside until your next steep. Enjoy this round!
6) Repeat until tea is too light for your taste.

For gaiwan and cold brewing, see our full Brew Guide!

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Customer Reviews

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Unbelievable quality

TGT absolutely blew me away with their flavors, and on top of that their customer service and delivery times are outstanding!!! A perfect gift for your loved ones and an amazing tea to have at home any day!!!🧡

Love it!

Incredible flavor lasting multiple steeps!

Amy Fang

Duck Shit Oolong

Excellent tea at a modest price

Earthy and sweet

Mindy Chu

I write about it and pair it with goat cheddar at my tea blog So happy about this tea company and will order again soon!!