Brew Guide

Brewing great tea is simple if you begin with tasty water, good tea, and an open mind. Use these ratios and steep times as a starting point to explore how you like your tea! Wish it were stronger? Increase leaves or steep time. Too much for you? Reduce one or both!


Mug Brewing

  • Heat water to 205°F
  • Use 2g tea for an 8-12 oz mug. A strainer basket is great for mugs and lets the tea expand! 
  • Pour hot water over tea leaves, and let steep for 2 minutes.
  • If using basket, remove and enjoy. Otherwise, strain into another mug and enjoy.
  • Repeat to re-steep. Enjoy multiple rounds until the tea is too light for you.

Gaiwan Brew

  • 5 grams of tea for roughly 3 oz/100 ml of water
  • Pour 205°F water over tea leaves
  • Steep for 10 seconds and strain
  • Repeat 6+ times, adding 5 seconds per steep

Cold Brew

  • 8 grams of tea to a quart of cold water
  • Pour both into a pitcher
  • Leave in fridge overnight
  • Strain and enjoy