Hi! Join us for tea! 

Three Gems Tea is all about sipping the good stuff, enjoying with company, and taking our sweet time.

Sip the good stuff

We work with small family farms to bring you single origin, direct trade loose leaf teas. We seek out partners who take pride in their craft and are caretakers of the earth. When so much love and attention goes into tending, harvesting, oxidizing, shaping, and roasting each tea leaf, you'll want to savor each sip.

Enjoy with company

Gong fu tea is a specialty of Chaozhou, a region in China’s Guangdong province. Gathered around small cups of strong, fragrant oolongs, family and friends (and even strangers!) are invited to swap stories and take a beat to enjoy each other’s company.  

Take your sweet time

From our travels across the world, we know that tea time elsewhere usually means a chance to hit pause on the day. But in the US, it’s usually just a quick on-the-go pick-me-up. We kept having conversations with friends about our shared impulse to disconnect from our screens and reconnect with ourselves and each other in real life. Thinking back to leisurely visits with our families in China, and the endless rounds of tea we’d sipped on those trips, we realized the magic solution: Chaozhou gong fu tea, which is luckiest when served in threes!  


    Who are the Three Gems?


    Three years ago, Daphne traveled her dream trip across the Silk Road and saw that everywhere she went a cup of tea welcomed friends and strangers alike. Fast forward to early 2019, the idea for creating a tea business had been germinating in her head for a few years, but didn't fully take off until she met Ayumi and Diana! 


    Ayumi grew up surrounded by rich tea traditions in Asia. As an illustrator, she’s taken her art to far-flung places — and uses her work to bridge cultures wherever she goes. When she met Daphne and Diana, she realized they all had an opportunity to share gems from their heritage through tea and teaware! She hopes to inspire creativity and community with her designs.


    Diana learned about Chaozhou’s unique culture and cuisine when she researched her cookbook, Jia! The Food of Swatow and the Teochew* Diaspora. Chaozhou, where her family is from, is renowned for its gastronomy — but it’s the strong gong fu tea that really powers all-day eating sessions.

    *that’s how you say "Chaozhou" in the local language!