3 Green Tea Mini Tins
3 Green Tea Mini Tins
3 Green Tea Mini Tins
3 Green Tea Mini Tins

3 Green Tea Mini Tins

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Save $3 when you bundle all 3 green tea mini tins! Enjoy our entire green tea lineup with this collection. 

1) Sencha (16g)

Tasting Notes: Fresh Cut Grass · Edamame · Bamboo
Aroma: Verdant
Umami: Medium
Sweetness: Light

Origin: Shizuoka, Japan

上煎茶 (やぶきた)

2) Hojicha (16g)

Tasting Notes: Sweet Toast · Roasted Barley · Chestnut
Aroma: Nutty
Umami: Light
Sweetness: Very Sweet

Origin: Shizuoka, Japan

ほうじ茶 (やぶきた)

3) Gyokuro (16g)

Tasting Notes: Moss · Salt Air · Cream
Aroma: Verdant
Umami: Deep
Sweetness: Medium

Origin: Shizuoka, Japan

玉露 (やぶきた + さみどり)

Each 16g mini tin of tea is good for 12+ mug or kyusu servings (4g/session, steeped 3+ times).

🌱 These teas are grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides by the third generation of the Sato family to grow organically on their farm in Shizuoka. Spent leaves are *gold* for your compost pile.
♻️ Our steel tea tins are crafted with care in Kyoto, Japan. Please reuse and recycle!
💧 3% of every tea purchase supports clean water projects, because without clean water there is no tea.

1) Heat water to: 170°F for sencha / 180°F for hojicha / 135°F for gyokuro.
2) Use ~4g tea for ~8 oz of water in an infuser mug or kyusu.
3) Pour hot water over tea leaves.
4) Cover and steep for 90 seconds for sencha / 1 min for hojicha / 4 mins for gyokuro.
5) Remove infuser basket and set aside until your next steep. Enjoy this round!
6) Repeat until tea is too light for your taste.

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Customer Reviews

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Informative sampler

This mini collection has very different tasting teas. Each one has different steep times and temperatures, different colors, and very different personalities. I had a lot of fun comparing the teas to each other and figuring out which one is my favorite.

It's also a nice way to see if your palette is sensitive enough to pay extra for the Gyokuro. That tea is relatively expensive, and I learned that I don't particular enjoy it, especially since it is steeped at such a low temperature and I like my teas warm.

As a primarily oolong drinker, I was very pleasantly surprised by the Hojicha and may consider adding it to my rotation.

The Sencha was nice, but I still prefer Dragonwell (not available from Three Gems Tea) as my green staple. Although I may rotate it in periodically.