Bamboo Peak Milk Oolong (75g)
Bamboo Peak Milk Oolong (75g)
Bamboo Peak Milk Oolong (75g)
Bamboo Peak Milk Oolong (75g)
Bamboo Peak Milk Oolong (75g)
Bamboo Peak Milk Oolong (75g)
Bamboo Peak Milk Oolong (75g)
Bamboo Peak Milk Oolong (75g)
Bamboo Peak Milk Oolong (75g)
Bamboo Peak Milk Oolong (75g)

Bamboo Peak Milk Oolong (75g)

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Ingredient: Oolong Tea

Tasting Notes: Butter · Peach · Bamboo
Aroma: Milky
Roast: Light
Oxidation: Light

Origin: Zhushan, Nantou, Taiwan

竹山金萱烏龍 · Zhu Shan Jin Xuan Wu Long  · 竹峰ミルクウーロン

Also available in 10g mini tin!

What if I'm lactose-intolerant? No worries. The "milk" in the name refers to this tea’s fragrance and flavor, not to an ingredient. Our milk oolong is 100% tea leaves, nothing added. (Not categorically true of all “milk oolongs,” so double-check on others!)

Take the time to unfurl: Solid advice for both you and the tea! This ball oolong may take a little more time than our other teas to fully expand, so linger a little longer over your cup and re-steep a few more times.

Feels like: You’re walking through a bamboo forest. Are you in Taiwan? Hawaii? A dream? The click-clacking of the swaying stalks overhead lulls you into a fugue state, and you float between the bamboo until you find yourself at the forest’s edge. The morning sun peeks over the hill to greet you, and you turn towards it, stretching to bask in its warmth.

75g of tea is good for:
• 90+ mug servings (2.5g/mug, steeped 3+ times)
• 75+ gaiwan servings (5g/gaiwan, steeped 5+ times)
• 11+ liters cold brew

🌱 This tea is grown on Mr. Lin's farm in Zhushan, Nantou, using organic practices. Spent leaves are *gold* for your compost pile.
♻️ Our steel tea tins are crafted with care in Kyoto, Japan. Please reuse and recycle!
💧 3% of every tea purchase supports clean water projects, because without clean water there is no tea.

1) Heat water to 205°F.
2) Use ~2.5g tea for ~8-12 oz of water in an infuser mug.
3) Pour hot water over tea leaves.
4) Cover and steep for 2 mins.
5) Remove infuser basket and set aside until your next steep. Enjoy this round!
6) Repeat until tea is too light for your taste.

For gaiwan and cold brewing, see our full Brew Guide!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jorjiane Guasch
My favorite tea

It's so beautiful and creamy. I have been getting around 5 cups per 2g steep. The tea is so fragrant and lovely and I've been drinking it like it's going out of style. I'm pretty sure that this is my favorite tea from Three Gems so far as I am normally a coffee lady and I am drinking this tea daily.

Suzanne Young

Just had my first cup and wow. Beautiful smell and flavor. I brewed my tea per the instructions and it came out perfectly. I'm hooked.

Jamila Khan
My favorite of all the Three Gems Tea

I got the sampler pack and the flavors and aroma of this one were my favorite. The description is accurate, and the packaging is pleasant.


I did not like this one. I don't get much flavor and it's pretty astringent no matter how short the steep is. I brewed it gongfu style, trying different times, from 5s to 30s. At best, its blah. Will not be buying it again.

New Favorite Tea

I found out about Three Gems through a feature on Bon Appetit and immediately had to order the sampler pack to try out all of the offerings. Bamboo Peak was my absolute favorite of the bunch -- light flavored with notes of peach and butter. This will definitely be a regular in my tea rotation!