Three Gems Tea Break with: Kisha Howell, Entrepreneur / Educator / Creative

Welcome to another installment of Three Gems Tea Breaks, where we have tea with our interesting pals doing interesting things! Today we're sipping tea with Kisha Howell. 

How would you describe yourself and the work you do?

I am a Black woman entrepreneur, educator, and creative who is constantly dreaming of new ways to be in service of womxn of color. Whether I am offering thought partnership services, curating content for The Harambee Collective, or coaching teachers I'm always on the go!

What are your three gems for nurturing new connections and building community?

  1. Make love the bottom line
  2. Lead with integrity
  3. Sharpen your listening skills

The past year was tough for so many reasons. Has the pandemic made connecting with people easier in any way?

This pandemic has definitely made it possible for us to see virtual connections as a way to collaborate and grow with people who are in other states and countries. It has expanded our ability to view community as something that goes beyond our local connections.

You also work in education and interior decor — how do those experiences inform your approach to community building?

This is a brilliant question! I've learned that at the core of all of my work that I have to use the same skills: listening, asking clarifying questions, and seeking the "why". I do my best work in education, interior decor, and leading The Harambee Collective when I lean heavily into these three skills.

Any advice you want to share for starting off 2021 right?

In everything that you do understand that you get to decide your vibe. Even in the shittiest of situations you can be in your own personal headspace of love and joy.

What tea are you sipping?

I'm sipping the Orchid Fragrance Oolong. I recently purchased a travel tea set so I can brew my tea on the go.

I love this tea! I'm a big tea drinker and I'm finding that I tend to lean towards fruity floral teas. Orchid Fragrance Oolong is a beautiful combination of earthy and floral.

 Kisha Howell Tea Break

When and why do you take a tea break?

I actually started my work day with this tea. I find that having a before-work tea ritual helps clear my mind and leads to a productive day.

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