Three Gems Tea Break with: Laurel Stearns, Music Talent Manager

Welcome to another installment of Three Gems Tea Breaks, where we have tea with our interesting pals doing interesting things! Today we're sipping tea with Laurel Stearns. 

How would you describe yourself and the work you do?

I’ve been in the music space for the last 25 years. I worked signing bands in A&R at Sony and Capitol Records for 11 years. I was a manager before moving to the label side, and I’ve since gone back to management after leaving Capitol. 

What three gems are you playing on repeat these days?

"Overtime (Alex Frankel Remix)" - U.S. Girls

"Expanding Electricity" - Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

"Ego" - Moaning

How has your work changed under the pandemic?

This has been the single most difficult time in the music industry — bands can’t tour, and without touring it is very hard to support a new release or build a career, if you’re a developing artist/band. There has been great connectivity amongst the music community to create new ideas and opportunity...but nothing can replace a live show. We look forward to this ending sooner rather than later.

Have you seen any interesting alternatives to in-person concerts?

Lots of streams — some are very well done, like Nick Cave's recent stream, and there have been drive-in shows too. Tuning in on an FM radio is a novelty at first, but the sound of the PA live is where it's at.

What tea are you sipping?

I'm about to brew the Midnight Blossom Oolong. I use a very nice tea ball to steep in a giant cup pictured here. I like A LOT of tea.

There is a sweet, round, floral-with-a-hint-of-earthy fragrance and taste — very soothing and summery, but could easily light the way during a moody fall season too.

Laurel Stearns Three Gems Tea Break

When and why do you take a tea break?

I do this all throughout the day. Tea gives me a sense of grounding and comfort like nothing else. I think we should have that all day long, not just on break :)


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